Locked up over Facebook? Really? Was it worth it?

Posted: March 4, 2012 by jerkmag in SURF -- tech

“Haven’t showered in a week”…. “Positive for chlamydia”… “Wish I was a girl instead”… Once you see these as your friend’s status, you immediately know they left their Facebook profile unmanned and were the victim of a classic 21st century prank: the Facebook hack. Be careful what you call a hack though, as Glenn Mangham can attest. Mangham, a student in England, was arrested last week for hacking into Facebook’s servers and having access to user information. Officials say that he did not actually steal or copy any of the info. When Facebook officials noticed that there was an intruder in the system, they notified the police. Must’ve been quite the interesting phone conversation. The police pin-pointed the location of the intrusion and found the evil mastermind behind this grand scheme. Mr. Glenn Mangham was arrested and sentenced to 8 months in jail.

While the likes of Casey Anthony can be found not guilty for the accusations of murdering a 2-year old baby, an intrusion into Facebook seems almost easier to bring to justice. On a more serious note, Facebook’s privacy settings have been an issue for years. It is almost reassuring that even such a small intrusion to the Facebook servers can be so easily spotted and taken care of. Young Mr. Glenn Mangham will know not to ever again attempt such a crime, while Mr. Zuckerberg has the information of over 500 million people under his fingertips, and we willingly give it to him, for free. At least for now, villains like Glenn Mangham have found their place in the criminal world, and we can sleep easy knowing that our half drunken photos from every single weekend of our college days are safe.

-Can Cakmak


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