Cloudy With a Chance of Who The Fuck Knows?

Posted: March 2, 2012 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives, ZONE -- syracuse

It seems almost cliché to write about the weather here in Syracuse, NY but unlike the many articles, blog posts, or even tweets that bitch and complain about its snowy habits, this here article is dedicated solely to the awfully bipolar experiences we’ve had this year. Like many of you, I came into my freshman year at ‘Cuse armed and ready. The snow attire that I spent a small fortune on would have lasted through the ice storm of ’91.  400 dollars worth of Northface, UGG and Sorel eskimo gear and I was almost excited for trudging to class as if I were a solider marching through Russia. That being said, when we had not even a flake by winter break I was a little confused… I mean I’m from Rochester, yes Raaaaachester, so I know Upstate winters, and I haven’t had a winter this mild in years. My thoughts were simply to brace myself for the second semester, because we will no doubt get hit hard then.

Right? Wrong. Second semester I came back and wore a mini skirt to class for cripes sake. Well that was only to pass my make-up quiz in office hours, but it was still warm enough dammit! So then, we all adjusted, we said “Fine Winter, you don’t want to come this year and that’s cool with us.” So we broke out the windbreakers, the Converse and that Spring spirit. Then, one lazy Sunday, which started as Springy as the rest of the week, turned into a winter white out in a matter of hours. I spent the day huddled with my boy in my dorm room, who arrived around 2 in the afternoon, and when he went to depart around 11 the condition outside was, unbenounced to us, un-drivable! Its this kind of nonsense we’re irritated with, make up your mind up there!

If you want to snow, snow. If you want us to play fucking Frisbee outside some more, then don’t snow, but stop with the sporadic mid-day white out already! I can’t tell you how many pairs of Tom’s I’ve ruined due to this weather spontaneity, and unlike the kids in Africa, I’m not too happy about it! Please Mother Nature, we beg of you, get on that Zoloft already.

-Deanna Viel


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