What Should Always Cum First

Posted: March 1, 2012 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol

What is it about today’s male population that gives them, or their penises rather, such a strong sense of entitlement? That they are guaranteed pleasure, and satisfaction, and not only this, but that it is our job as females to do provide this. We’ve all witnessed the personification of the male parts, heard him call it Prince-something-or-other, or spoken of it as if it were a friend, or child even. This playful bringing to life of their “goods” is harmless when joking around with buddies, or funny even, in telling an embarrassing anecdote, but is it going too far, and causing problems within male-female relationships?

When getting hot and heavy its typical that foreplay is instituted, hands are wandering, and even sexual requests muttered. It is in the heat of the moment that one whispers “pull my hair” or “take my pants off”, but there’s nothing that kills the mood, and cools down the heat like a horny gent pushing a girls head down to his waiting “little friend”. Not only is it disrespectful and rude, but also a huge turnoff. It makes the women feel objectified or that she is being used and is simply an item or pleasure-giver to the man, not as the other necessary half of the hook-up. Women try to take up the roles of experienced dominatrix-like sexual beings when hooking up with someone. We understand the importance of taking control and are often more than happy to do so, but if we, for whatever reason, are feeling a bit shy that day, or are not moving our lips down to your member as quickly as you’d like, do not for a second think its appropriate for you to do so for us.

Going down on someone is nowadays regarded as far more nonchalant of an act than it should be, many see it as a prerequisite to having intercourse or even as a necessary duty performed to any guy who buys you dinner or some cocktails. In reality, something as sexual and even intimate as this act should be reserved for when you are comfortable and familiar with your partner. There are cases of this unacceptable behavior in long-term relationships as well. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years, and are extremely close and intimate, however it always kills the mood for me when he tries to get me to do this against my will. Muttering things like “turn me on” or “do something to me” are, by some, regarded as sexual and arousing, but by others are condescending. Its like “hello I’m obviously going to ‘turn you on’, we are just getting started let me work at my own pace!”

The reason for the infamous head-push down south, or the demand to swallow, is simply the boy trying to show his “little-guy” the most excitement and best time possible. Boys are so eager to feel that pleasure that they sometimes think it is an entitlement for them to do so, and do not see the disrespect they are showing to their partners. So next time fellas perhaps a little less pushing, just lay back relax, and let your sexy lady take her time with you, or do to you what she pleases, not just you, because remember, it takes two.

-Alison Dilaurentis


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