Once Again, ‘Once’ Will Captivate Us

Posted: December 11, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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It wasn’t very long ago–just three years (despite the movie’s original release in 2006)–since “Once” became a stand-out musical hit both at the box office and in the eyes of the critics. It even walked away with an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the song “Falling Slowly” and the entire soundtrack receiving a Grammy nomination.

Despite this short period in time since the height of its success, “Once” has already had an off-Broadway musical of the same name produced and performed at the New York Theater Workshop. Due to the show and the film’s success, a full-on Broadway production is the obvious next step, opening early next year.

The modern-day musical is set in Dublin and follows an unnamed man and woman throughout a week in their lives. The woman, a Czech immigrant who sells flowers, incessantly questions the man, an Irish street performer, about his music. Upon talking further, he realizes that she too is a musician. They work together to make him a demo that he could take to London in hopes of landing a recording contract. In the classic musical cliché (but they manage to do so without being cheesy), the two work through their past and discover their love for another through their music.

Broadway previews begin February 28. Tickets can already be ordered here. If you want to catch the show before it moves to Broadway, tickets for the off-Broadway production are available here.

-Diana Pearl

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