Michael Kors Prepares For the Stock Market

Posted: December 8, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Michael Kors has been working in fashion for decades, celebrating his label’s 30-year anniversary this year. That is an incredible feat for any business, and particularly astonishing considered the comings and goings of designer labels. Known for making womenswear and sportswear, his brand has expanded to include menswear, accessories, jewelry (everyone’s seen a Kors watch), and pretty much everything under the sun. Kors also seamlessly made the transition into reality television with his place on “Project Runway” judge’s panel.

Now, Kors is going public. The company will be under the KORS name on the New York Stock Exchange and intends to sell 48 million shares. The company’s overall value will be around $3.62 billion. There are few publicly exchanged fashion brands on the stock market, and usually for good reason. Most have not established their businesses enough to take the risk. The Kors business has been strong for decades and is constantly growing and expanding into new markets. This looks like a good move.

Another company planning on entering the NYSE in 2013 is Tory Burch. Similarly to Kors, Burch has had a strong growing business for many years. Undoubtedly, investors will jump at the opportunity to grab shares of this approximately $2 billion brand.

– Nadjma Sako

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