Hell Week

Posted: December 8, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Yes, the week of red bull consumption, sleepless nights, and pajama fashion has come its way. Finals week. It’s weird because for me, I have all my finals and papers due this week, not during the actual finals week. Therefore, I got to purchase my plane ticket to Korea for the 12th, while everyone else will be studying. HAH! Anyway, what I noticed about Hell Week is that it’s not just about finals, but it includes other really important things to think about.

Besides finals and papers, it’s a week to make sure all your points add up correctly. If you’re down by just two points from an A, you get busy emailing your professors about any extra credit opportunities. What I realized in my four years of college here is that our professors are actually pretty lenient. If you honestly show that you’re really desperate by going to their office hours and emailing them constantly, they will actually think about any extra credit opportunities.

Another realization that came to mind is that our school really needs another library (I have actually been talking about this with my friends since sophomore year). Once finals week starts, literally everyone rushes to Bird as early as possible so they can find a spot to crash for that whole day. If you miss that time, then you’ll just never be able to find a good table (i.e. the one with outlets) or cubicle.

There’s also Carnegie, the math library, but it’s so small and shady. Plus, it closes at midnight. I know there’s study spaces in Whitman, Newhouse and LSB, but we all know that we can’t get in after a certain time if we’re not a student in that department. If our school seriously has never thought about coming up with a new library, then they should at least extend the closing times for the upper floors at Bird.

Regardless, I don’t want to think too much during Hell Week. Good luck to everyone!

– Ellie Sul

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