Tyson Beckford Causes ‘ANTM’ Controversy

Posted: December 6, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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“Last week on ‘America’s Next Top Model!’” (Tyra voice). Yeah, it’s still on and currently wrapping up Cycle 17. The theme this season has been ANTM All-Stars where all the favorites who might have won from previous seasons came back for another chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model. Tyson Beckford, male supermodel and all around gorgeous man, was on the judges’ panel for last week’s episode. It seems he was less than enthusiastic about fan favorite Allison Harvard, calling her “unpersonable” and finding her looks “uninspiring.”

Her fans, the Allistans, did not take kindly to Beckford’s comments. Thank goodness for Twitter because they were able to let their disappointment show, and in true attention whore nature, he was able to respond. Unfortunately, his reply makes him out to be quite the cocky model we assumed but hoped he wasn’t.

And unfortunately for him, it seems he will have other issues to deal with, namely Tyra. Considering his comments about Harvard and his laughter about knowing who wins, his rant has disclosed information about the possible outcome of the season. Even though he didn’t explicitly say who the winner would be, he strongly implied who it wouldn’t be. No good. And that, I imagine, might bring up a lawsuit or at least the wrath of Tyra.

– Nadjma Sako

  1. sonjin says:

    Just cause Allison wasn’t dying to get a hold of him doesn’t mean he has to hate… He might have been offended that the other girls were into him and Allison wasn’t… It really hurt his ego..

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