Barney Frank’s Retirement Signifies the End of an Era

Posted: December 3, 2011 by jerkmag in RANT -- politics
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Barney Frank has announced that he is retiring from Congress after 30 years of service to the United States and its citizens. For those of you who are unaware as to who Barney Frank is, he is one of the most well-known and prominent openly gay Jewish elected officials in the United States. Seriously, this guy is like the living, breathing embodiment of everything liberal. Only thing he needs now is two lesbian mothers to flesh it all out. But not to worry, we’ve got this guy, so all is well.

Also, unlike most infamously closeted gay elected officials who tend to run on ‘family values’ such as Phil Hinkle, who allegedly offered an 18 year old a bribe consisting of an iPad, Blackberry and cash to keep quiet, Frank has never been shy or quiet about his own orientation and who he is as a person.

Frank is also well known for his work on the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill, which Fox News loves to berate as inhibiting. Speaking of everyone’s favorite source of hyperbole and propaganda, Fox News has been very unforgiving of Frank’s departure from Congress. (Shocking, I know.) Fox News actually decided to go the extra mile and blame Barney Frank for most of the financial crises that occurred in 2008. Take a look for yourself:

Thank you Cenk, as always you bring it home and go TYT army! Anyway, this does mark a significant end of an era in politics and is seems that on both sides prominent figures are dropping like flies, all for different reasons: Bush wanting nothing more to do with politics, Herman Cain looking on the ropes, Anthony Weiner’s scandal and now Frank retiring. This might be a sign of an interesting change in the nature of politics, with older members leaving. Not sure what it means just yet, but it’s good to note.

-Alex Perez

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