Going ‘Gaga’ for the Holidays

Posted: December 1, 2011 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Between Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving holiday special, her holiday EP and her holiday workshop at Barney’s in New York City, she sure does have the holiday spirit. None of us really are surprised though at Gaga’s attempt to devote the entire holiday season to herself. When Gaga does something, she goes big or goes home.

Her Thanksgiving special aired on ABC on Thanksgiving night and was a 90-minute primetime event featuring a special appearance from Tony Bennett. The special, titled “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving,” took the scene of a typical jazz bar or diners with a singer providing the entertainment–except Gaga was the performer and her guests were her closest friends and family. To our surprise though, the special was not in true Gaga costume nature.

On top of the Thanksgiving special, Gaga has decided to release some of her holiday favorites performed live that evening on a mini EP titled “A Very Gaga Holiday.” The four-track EP will all be vocals taken from the Thanksgiving special recordings.

On top of television and music domination, Gaga has taken to the holidays at Barney’s as well. However, after seeing pictures of the exhibit, it seems as if Gaga has teamed up with Willy Wonka more so than Santa Claus. The exhibit is colored in purples and oranges–not so much holiday colors. Pictures of the workshop and the opening can be found here. The workshop combines all of Gaga’s favorite things: her childhood memories and toys into one big showcase, equipped with a Lady Gaga spider display.

So whether you like it or not, you’re sure to be seeing some of Gaga this holiday season. Here is her version of “White Christmas” as aired on the Thanksgiving special and, of course, she had to add her own verse.

-Hayley Isaacson

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