Not Tonight, Honey; I Have A Headache

Posted: November 11, 2011 by jerkmag in CRISP -- health
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It’s an excuse women have used to avoid sex ever since human beings have been able to form words.

You’re relaxing in bed and your significant other looks over at you with those come-hither eyes. But you’re just not feeling it tonight. Your retainers are in, your hair is pulled back into the messiest of buns, and you’ve already resigned yourself to wearing that ratty nightshirt and granny panties.

But since you don’t feel like explaining to him that sometimes women just don’t feel attractive enough to do the deed, you think up something that can’t be argued with: the presence of a headache.

Did you know, however, that having sex can actually cause headaches? According to the Mayo Clinic, sex headaches or can be described as two different things. It can either be a dull ache in a person’s head and neck as their arousal level increases, or a sudden, severe headache right before–or during–liftoff.

So, what causes this unpleasantness during what should be a rather pleasurable experience? The health experts at believe that there are three main causes of sex headaches.

Over-exertion: Sex is exercise, plain and simple, and when you over-exert yourself during any activity (not just sex), a headache is very possible, especially if your body isn’t used to such hard work. You wouldn’t go for a run on the treadmill without warming up a little first, right? Right. So, in order to prevent sex headaches from over-exertion in the future, try a little warm-up first. (Read: foreplay.)

Quick orgasm: A rapid increase in sexual arousal equals a rapid increase in blood pressure, which can result in a headache. There’s really only one remedy for this situation: learn to take things slow. (Guys, your significant others will thank you for it– am I right, ladies?)

Strenuous sexual positions: I’m not about to judge anyone for their preferred sexual position, but if you’re into hanging upside down for some reason and you’re experiencing regular headaches, that preference may be to blame. Just try some new, less strenuous positions. I promise you’ll still get to where you need to be.

More often than not, regular, minor sex headaches aren’t anything to worry about; they’re basically just a way of your body telling you to calm down a bit. However, if you experience a rare, extremely severe headache during sex, it’s probably a good idea to seek immediate medical attention.

-Amber Brenza

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