Revival plans for “Funny Girl” went from funny to somber fast when the planned production turned up short on funds, and now is unable to open the revival on Broadway next April as originally planned.

Lead producer Bob Boyett released a statement yesterday, saying that “due to the economic climate, they’re postponing, but not cancelling the revival.” The show will take around $12 million to produce (how much do you think “Spider-Man” cost?), making it one of the most expensive revivals in Broadway history, Boyett said.

The show was going to star Broadway veteran Lauren Ambrose. Ambrose is best known off-stage as Claire Fisher in HBO’s “Six Feet Under.” The male lead was to be played by Bobby Cannavale, who is mostly known for his work on-screen, but was recently nominated for a Tony for his work in “The Motherfucker With a Hat,” alongside Chris Rock. (And he’s dating Broadway female favorite, Sutton Foster. What a power couple!)

It’s always sad to see a production pushed back, especially when it’s been casted and getting ready for previews. But my question is–why is this revival SO expensive? Clearly, the finances are putting a strain on the production. Are they truly trimming all the corners they can.

The show was planned to open at the Imperial Theater, and the theater has wasted no time in securing a new production to call it home. “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” starring Matthew Broderick, will open at the Imperial in April 2012, just like “Funny Girl” had planned to. So although there will be no “Funny Girl,” Broderick’s a pretty funny guy too.

-Diana Pearl


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