Wale Establishes Himself with ‘Ambition’

Posted: November 8, 2011 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Ever since the release of his mixtape “The Eleven One Eleven Theory,” Wale fans have been patiently waiting for Nov. 1, 2011 and the consequential release of Wale’s second studio album, “Ambition.” Fans should be pleased and relieved to hear that the feature-heavy sophomore album does not disappoint.

The album opens with the arrogant artist’s premature mandate “Don’t Hold Your Applause.” Before the album even has a change to begin, Wale highlights why his prior accomplishments are worthy of joyous praise, attempting to qualify his statements with the line, “I know I’m kind of vain, but what ill n***a isn’t.” The initial tone that Wale establishes at the beginning of the album prevails throughout the entirety of the album, with a few exceptional humble tracks.

Amongst the best selections of features on the album are Big Sean, Meek Mill, and Rick Ross. “Slight Work” has every element of a contemporary Hip-hop hit: a catchy beat, clever lines and verse from Big Sean. After his debut album, “Finally Famous,” Big Sean’s presence on any track has been both a blessing and a curse to any rap artist. The blessing being the automatic boost in listeners and the curse being the risk of the primary artist’s verse being subordinate to Big Sean’s. Unfortunately for Wale, Big Sean outperformed him on this particular track.

The second extraordinary feature selection is on the album’s title-track, “Ambition.” Wale’s Maybach Music Group mates Rick Ross and Meek Mill complement the artist and create an emotionally motivated song that “speaks for itself.” The music and lyrics of this track go hand in hand as they introduce the second half of the album. This album is a perfect exhibition of the artist’s progress from his early rudimentary tracks like “Nike Boots” into an established, more mature Hip-hop artist.

-A.J. Allen


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