The Kardashians are fashion; they get it. You can tell this by the presence of Khloé on E!’s Fashion Police (the ultimate in fashion authorities), Kim’s constant presence at fashion shows and collaborative lines and now through their handbag collection. They’re untouchable.

Well, one of the funny things about being a deity in virtually all fashion design (shoes, bags, garments, accessories, you name it) is critique. Being at the top means you have a lot of haters.

One of my favorite segments on is the “Adventures in Copyright.” The staff will usually bring up copyright claims where lawsuits have been filed or simply just instances of intense ‘inspiration.’ This week, they noticed an incredible similarity between the new Kardashian bag collection and bags from other less notable brands like Balenciaga, YSL, Celine and Chanel. Obviously, the issue here is that these brands have been too intensely inspired by Kim and the gang.

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What should Khloé, Kim and Kourtney do about this? Well, they could file lawsuits for each of the bags, but unfortunately that would only take them so far. Laws regarding copyright in fashion exist, but are limited in their application because of the inability to necessarily prove infringement. Yes, with bags it is a bit more obvious and easier to delineate than, say, with a pair of pants or a t-shirt. But more often than not, the cases do not do much to prevent this type of blatant plagiarism.

The Kardashian Kollection bags are exclusive to the Australian market where the girls felt they were given more liberty in the design process. That’s interesting because given that most of these bags are also present in their own closets, it is not such a stretch that they would be inspired by them for their own collection.

-Nadjma Sako

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