A Year of Lasts

Posted: November 7, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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It was finally the holiday we were all waiting for. A time when any girl can be excused dressing up like a slut and not being called one, a time to dress up as anything and not be called crazy, and a time to just let loose and eat as many sweets as possible. In our case, as seniors, it was our last Halloween in college.

The term “last” just pretty much sucks. It hit me that most of the things I would be doing this year would be my last of anything in college. Last Halloween, last time having a long ass Thanksgiving break, last time going to a frat, last time going to classes, last spring break, last lunch/dinner at Funk ‘N’ Waffles and Bleu Monkey, and you get the idea. I know I get pretty sentimental when it comes to these things, but if you think about it, it really is sad.

I remember when I first stepped onto campus and adjusted to the college life–it was very exciting. Then, I hit junior year and I was just ready to get out of ‘Cuse. Now, I feel like I’m going to miss this place. Four years of my college life will just become another memory, another chapter in my life. I think I can say this from the bottom of my heart (and maybe it might be too early to say it) but I definitely had the best four years of my life during my time in college.

Cheers to the last of everything in college!

-Ellie Sul

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