NCAA Starting to Get It

Posted: October 31, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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This past week the Division I Board of the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) announced that it would give conferences the option of providing athletes with $2,000 in spending money. Good shit, NCAA. You are finally starting to get it, or at least understand the position of student-athletes.

This reform is long overdue and should be enacted by every college whose athletic teams rake in millions of dollars for the school from tickets, television shares, and school paraphernalia. Student athletes should no doubt benefit from the money that they bring in to colleges and universities. Financial incentives can serve as a deterrent to illegal acts by athletes, alumni and school officials. There have been dozens of accounts over the years where students were given money under the table from wealthy alumni and from the school itself.

Athletes, of course, do get many perks like covered tuition, free tutoring and many others, but they often fall under the cracks at school. And since obtaining work-study or campus jobs is out of the question, many college athletes turn to other illegal means to obtain money. Syracuse University is not immune to its share of student-athletes who turn to robbery and theft. Earlier this month former SU football linebacker Malcolm Cater was sentenced to one to three years in prison for South Campus burglaries.

There is no excuse for robbery and criminal acts by athletes, and giving them a financial stipend could act as a deterrent to crime and allow them some of the freedom many regular students have when attending college.

-Brysan Brown

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