Fire and Ice: The Perfect Combination

Posted: October 31, 2011 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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Kaskade released his seventh studio album “Fire & Ice” a day and 44 minutes early.  The original release date was supposed to be October 25, but was pushed forward to the 24th to “accommodate iTunes’s busy release schedule.”  Kaskade apparently was just too antsy though to wait until midnight, releasing the album for download 44 minutes before the clock struck twelve.  Let’s hope for Cinderella’s sake, she got home in time.

This album is bliss.  Pure bliss.

The album is divided into two disks.  Disk one, titled “Fire,” sets the tone of the original tracks on the album. Kaskade collaborates with artists such as Skrillex, Neon Trees, Quadron and more. Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, BAM!, there’s a second disk.  The second disk is titled “Ice.” This disk takes every track on “Fire” and gives it a Kaskade ICE Mix.

It is seriously brilliant. These “Ice” mixes literally sound like ice has been applied to the original track. Not literally, obviously, but the glitter of the electronic accent makes you think that. Two of my favorite tracks on the album are “Room for Happiness” featuring Skylar Grey and “Waste Love” featuring Quadron.

This album is perfect for raging, gyming it or if you’re like me, just jamming out to it on your bed.  Kaskade won with this one.  And he went to my high school, so that makes me cool.

Here’s a preview of “Waste Love” with Kaskade feat. Quadron.

-Hayley Isaacson

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