As if my amazement could not grow even more, it turns out that the gridlocked Republican majority House of Representatives actually passed a part of the Obama Jobs Plan. Now, the real question is, what’s the catch? When I read this story, I immediately began to look for the greater substance. Well, the real substance is that the effort was actually centered around repealing a tax requirement on an obscure number of businesses that was never even enacted.

This was passed while the rest of the Jobs Plan, which was intended to “overhaul the tax code, make sweeping changes to entitlement programs and eliminate the waste, fraud and abuse that lawmakers so often cite as their central legislative goals,” has yet to be voted on. The illustration below is a dramatic enactment of what this passing means as a whole in terms of job creation.


I’m not particularly impressed by this, but I guess it does show some vague indication that the House of Representatives doesn’t completely have their heads up their asses. It was, after all, the Republican majority that brought us within days of default on the entire national budget so they could press for Medicare cuts. It was also the Republican majority which has stood in the way of just about every meaningful attempt at reform, aspiring to the very pinnacle of the political equivalent of cockblocking.

"I have not yet begun to block, Mr. Obama!"

So everyone here is going to have to forgive me if I don’t think this is nearly as optimistic as it’s painted. Once some actual change and bipartisanship comes down the grapevine, I’ll let you guys know. Until then, no one’s getting laid.

-Alex Perez


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