Two for One: Album and a Game

Posted: October 29, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Okay, this is seriously cool.  When it comes to music there are usually only two ways to consume it: listening or watching. Bjork has now introduced a third consumption method to get your daily tunes, and that is on your iPad!  Leave it up to Bjork to be the first on this inventive train.

Bjork’s new album “Biophilia” puts the listeners in the hands of the music with its new interactive iPad app that complements the album.  This app allows listeners to completely remix the tracks in their own hands.  Users have the ability to change instruments, change track processing, change volume and tempo levels and interact with all of these options via a picture interface.  Users also have the control of the beat, vocal mixing, presence of vocals at all and even the arrangement of the song.

This concept of the artists putting their music in the listener’s hand isn’t completely new.  Most artists in the past have released their bare tracks on the internet for this exact purpose.  But, this is the first time ever an artist has released an app for the iPad that gives you full control over the music.  Not even is the sheer idea of this app genius, but the actual interface that the app works around is dreamy.  It provides eerie, neon, twisted images that match Bjork’s totally out their sound.

The app itself is free, but each song must be purchased through an in-app store in order to gain access to its features.  So go ahead, let your inner DJ run wild.

-Hayley Isaacson

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