The Backyard of BBB

Posted: October 27, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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Entering my freshman year here at Syracuse I had no idea what type of place this was. If I had known that the only things this city had going for itself were the university and a mall, I would probably have decided on another school. But there is no sense in focusing on what could have been. As a freshman I was told to steer clear of the area behind Brewster, Boland, and Brockway halls. Muggings, petty thefts and occasional beat downs of moronic drunk freshmen dudes walking in the area at two in the morning is what every student entering SU is cautioned about.

Anyone who has seen the area in back of BBB can agree that it is rather impoverished. While this area is not the ideal place to live, it is not all that dangerous. If you are like a lot of SU students that brag about their Beemers, I suggest you do not do so around there. The area is home to some of the most impoverished of Syracuse but can also be utilized by students looking to connect SU to the community (if that is your thing) or gain real experience in education, public policy or advocacy. Many SU students go into this community and others similar to it as members of Literacy Corps and Say Yes.

For those suburbanites who never leave their sheltered communities and visit “the city,” my advice is chill. Similar to many colleges and universities, SU neighbors a community that faces poverty and crime. Before we all start worrying and bitching about our proximity to this “ghetto,” as many call it, let us be thankful that we are not at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut where thefts are the norm. But we were not smart enough to go to Yale, so we must be content with the backyard of BBB.

-Brysan Brown

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