Teen Vogue Fashion University: An Eye-Opening Event

Posted: October 27, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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Just when I thought I was not going to be able to experience anything special during my senior year, I received a surprising email that I had been accepted to the Teen Vogue Fashion University program. It was something that I first saw on Facebook on the sidebar where all the advertisements are featured. I clicked on it, thinking it might be a very fun and amazing opportunity for me since I love fashion. Then I find out that the blogging internship I work for is also affiliated with the program and was encouraging all of us to apply.

I was shocked when I got my acceptance letter because, honestly, I just applied for fun. It is an extremely huge event and the application was open to anyone around the world. There are so many more fashionable, talented and dedicated people out there, so I definitely did not think this was a chance I would get. I was so nervous the day before my trip to New York City for the program because while I was packing, all I kept thinking was, “How I am supposed to bring my A-game with the clothes I have now? Everyone there is going to be so flawless and glamorous.”

Well, just like I thought, yes, everyone looked AMAZING. But I wasn’t at all nervous or intimidated. Instead, I was more happy and thankful that I got to experience such an eye-opening event, something that really helped me gather my thoughts about my future. After a fabulous weekend of fashion seminars with guests like Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Betsy Johnson and Whitney Port–just to name a few–as well as private shopping events at H&M and Topshop, I realized this is what I love and want to do for the rest of my life. Hearing the Teen Vogue editors themselves talking about what it’s like being in the fashion industry, I became more eager and motivated to try pursuing a career in the fashion world myself.

So thank you, Teen Vogue, for an amazing opportunity. You have opened my eyes and mind to not only just dream, but to live it. Now for the rest of you, what are you waiting for? Just go for it. Whatever is in your mind and heart, whatever you love to do but are hesitant about, don’t be scared. Just take a step forward…and another…and another!

-Ellie Sul

  1. victoria says:

    I went the second year they ever had it and it was a fucking amazing time! I am so excited for you.

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