Midterms Are Over, Time to Celebrate!

Posted: October 26, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Midterms are finally over! And just in time to get completely shitfaced for Halloween. (Because we all know you’re thinking it.) But, don’t let that be the only form of celebration you give yourself after studying your ass off for the first big tests of the year (that is assuming you studied…).

Try treating yourself to some Chipotle or Pastabilities, get mani/pedi at Garbo’s, or how about just allow yourself to get a full night’s sleep–or, sleeping through that class you just took a midterm for–for some alternative ways of celebrating.

Now that the first quarter of the semester is over, here is a checklist you must have completed to ensure full success at the end of your semester:

  1. My professor knows my name.
  2. I have my TA’s personal email address or cell phone number for any last minute questions.
  3. I have a least two reliable people in each class that I can get notes from.
  4. I have all necessary books for class.
  5. I have the date/time of each final in my phone’s calendar. (Make sure to set reminders so you remember to study!)

Study hard!

-Fresh Meat

P.S. Listen to some Kool and the Gang for full effect.

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