Dylan Lustig or Taylor Carr: Who Has Your Vote?

Posted: October 24, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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Dylan Lustig, a sophomore international and economics major, and Taylor Carr, a junior public relations major, are both vying for the position of Student Association President. While both candidates will instantly inform you that they are friendly and cordial with each other, they disagree on policy and the direction of SA. For instance, many students do not know what SA is and its role on campus, and both candidates have sharply different views on how to fix this.

Carr believes a heavier emphasis on communication will lead to more awareness of SA. “We’ve had a really lackluster public relations effort since January,” Carr said. Lustig, meanwhile, agrees with Carr on the issue of communications and marketing of SA, but strongly believes SA should change its name from Student Association to Student Government Association. On the other hand, Carr disagrees with this name change. “It’s not about changing the name, it’s about how we reach out to students,” he said.

Whether SA changes its name or attempts to reach out to more students, it will have a difficult time acquiring the attention of an unaware and, at times, oblivious student body that does not know much about the inner workings of its university or student leadership.

Both Lustig and Carr have ambitious goals that they wish to accomplish. Lustig wants SA to reach out to the Greek community and ESF students in an effort to give them a voice not only in Student Association, but also in the school community. Carr sees the move of Syracuse to the ACC as a potential problem for Syracuse students stating, “Everyone knows that SU is moving to the ACC. How many know that home football games are moving to the Meadowlands?”

In addition to an alternative hang out space for students in the now vacant Haven dining hall, Carr demands that the student voice is heard in regards to athletic decisions. Lustig agrees with Carr saying, “We need to focus on athletics; we don’t know where basketball games are going to be held.” Both candidates appear to be strong advocates for student season ticket holders.

While Dylan Lustig and Taylor Carr both believe that SA should be a strong advocate for students, they do also believe that they will each make a better president. Lustig asserts, “I  am here because I think I can do a better job than my opponent. He thinks it’s his rite of passage, it’s his turn. But this is my passion to keep transparency. Me and Taylor have spent the same amount of time in SA.”

Indeed, Carr does feel that he has more experience than his opponent. “The leadership experience that I’ve had with other organizations and administration has given me a grasp of life at SU,” Carr said.

So who has your vote: Dylan Lustig or Taylor Carr? After all, it is your university.

-Brysan Brown

  1. Dee says:

    Well, I’ll admit, I’ve actually never voted for SA president before. But, I must say, this is shaping up to be a good campaign. Both candidates are very right in saying that most students don’t completely understand what SA actually does. I only really gained an understanding of their primary responsibilities over the past year or so. I think if more students understood the power SA has, especially in allocating funds to student orgs, they’d be much more engaged in the voting process.

  2. James says:

    While both candidates know the “SA system” well and they are both well informed on issues across SU there is something quite different about meeting the candidates in person. Lustig, a sophomore, is evidently running not because it is his “rite of passage” or because it has been expected of him- it in fact, was not. Dylan Lustig is running because he truly cares about the concerns and ideas of students from down at Syracuse Stage to ESF and everywhere in between. He always talks about how SA has become more of a “club” instead of the advocating and governing body of SU/ESF. I feel my vote will be best well spent on a candidate who is approachable and personable- something I got from Dylan when I saw him speak at ESF last week. There are so many issues left unresolved and unnoticed at ESF. I firmly believe Dylan Lustig is the candidate who will listen to me and my peers and work along side us to make a difference. Students do not realize how much influence SA has on campus and I feel that the past years have been dismal in comparison when it comes to efforts to involved students int he voting process- not to mention debate between candidates (If there even happens to be more than one). If you care to see your university in the hands of a truly effective and attentive leader there is no question that you should vote for Dylan Lustig.

  3. ooba says:

    I believe Brysan did a very good job representing both parties ability to be a great ASP.

  4. […] meetings take place, but it was disappointing to see the high school style atmosphere. In my interview with Dylan Lustig last month he said there was not much interaction between the group and the student body and one […]

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