Occupy Wall Street and the Value of Objectives

Posted: October 23, 2011 by jerkmag in RANT -- politics
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Okay, Occupy Wall Street, I have some advice for you. You listening? Okay, here it is: Cohesion. Get some of it, ASAP. I love you guys to death, but the problem is you really need to get a coherent message. I understand what you’re doing, but to many in the American public, you guys can seem like you lack a unified point.

So, in the interest of helping out the movement, general education and providing myself with a source of amusement, I’d like to offer you a little bit of advice for unifying themes and clear messages. This will also serve as a bit of a background as to what constitutes the argument that seems like it should be the focus of these protests.

The thing you have to do is break this perception that you’re anti-corporation. While it’s fine to have a problem with them for whatever reason, when you just blatantly attack corporations for being corporations, it just gives more ammo to the opposition to paint you as Anti-American communists. What you should focus on is something more politically viable, like tax reform. Robert Reich explains:

Thank you, Mr. Reich. See? Very clear–the vanishing middle class is the result of a lack of purchasing power from the middle class and the lack of taxation upon the super rich and the rich in general. The facts speak for themselves. Take a look at Warren Buffett. Last year, he made $62,855,038, his tax bill being 17.4 percent of his income. A remarkably low tax of $6,023,494 paid for at the cost of the middle class.

I hope this helps paint the clear picture that pointing out these facts constantly and calling for tax reform cannot be misconstrued. Luckily, it seems as if there are some beginning to wise up to this need for a coherent message and are serving as a rallying point for all those of like mind. But still, just keep these in mind and I’m sure you’ll thank me in the long run.

-Alex Perez

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