Imaginary sex, plus an audience.

You’ve heard of Air Guitar World Championships. Now, let me introduce you to the Air Sex World Championships. Bimonthly Air Sex competitions begain in 2007 in the Alamo Drafthouse of Austin, Texas. The Alamo Drafthouse has since spread the competition to tour in “over 14 cities across North America” for the World Championships, hosted by comedian Chris Trew.

The official website describes the act as “making sweet and/or filthy love with an imaginary sex partner” to the music selection of your choice in whatever outfit you like. Oh, and it’s on stage in front of a large crowd.  Personally, I don’t know if I could do this, but that’s awesome that so many people have the confidence (and/or exhibitionist desires) to do so. Definite respect.

As the website states in its About page: “The time for you to lose your air virginity is NOW.” For some of you, I’m sure the answer is: Challenge accepted! Get it, kids. Let’s see your best air thrusting and fellatio.

-Erin Elzo

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