Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and now SoundCloud.  It’s evident that, nowadays, playing music on iTunes is people’s last resort when looking for new jams.  I have recently found a new love for SoundCloud.  I’ve known about the website for some time (as you can tell from previous posts), but had never really used it up until recently.  One thing I’ve found is that SoundCloud is the haven of techno and house remixes.  So, obviously, I love it.

SoundCloud allows users to digitally stream tracks they upload and then share them with the online community.  These tracks can simply be copies of already released tracks, or in most cases, have the user’s original spin on the track.  This can mean the song is either remixed or covered.  SoundCloud is basically YouTube minus the videos.  But, there are so many more exciting features to the website.

For one, songs can be tagged into different categories.  So, for example, if you are listening to a HOUSE tagged song and then click on the little blue tag, it will take you to a page with all other songs tagged HOUSE.  Cool, right?  It’s a great way to discover new music.  Another fabulous feature of SoundCloud is its mobile app.

Unlike Spotify, where you must be a premium member to use its mobile features, SoundCloud allows for free mobile streaming on their app.  This is great for walking to class or working out at the gym, because you constantly have a huge database of music at your fingertips.  No more having to sync up your iPod before you leave!  SoundCloud also integrates social media with the ability to add comments and likes to songs you’re loving.

I found this little gem on SoundCloud earlier.  Enjoy!

-Hayley Isaacson

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