Get Ready to ‘Rage’ with Machine Gun Kelly

Posted: October 19, 2011 by jerkmag in BLARE -- music
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After being featured as XXL’s “Show & Prove” artist, signing to Bad Boy Records, and calling himself the “white boy that bodied Black Entertainment Television” while rapping in a2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, Machine Gun Kelly has released his latest mixtape entitled “Rage Pack.”

At first listen you may be tempted to skip a few tracks or to turn their iPod off entirely, but with a little bit of patience you’ll be surprised to find a few diamonds in the rough that is the mixtape’s tracklist. It begins with the track “STFU,” which sets the tone of the entire tape as one that carries a strong aversion to mainstream media. Another extremely unique aspect of the musical composition of the track is that it samples the Go-Go’s “We got the Beat.”

“STFU” is immediately followed by a track featuring Waka Flocka , which you’ll probably dismiss for obvious reasons. Another track features Livvi Franc, a generic-sounding Rihanna at her best. Although the features aren’t anything to write home about, the samples aren’t nearly as bad. The most creative is a sample of Adele‘s 2008 hit, “Chasing Pavements.” The juxtaposition of the pop vocalist and the Cleveland rapper who loves to rage makes for quite an interesting listen.

The tape progresses in a very adequate manner. Amidst MGK’s oftentimes anger-driven delivery, he manages to mix in a few funny skits, a few poorly chosen features, and quite a few party tracks that don’t necessarily match his style. Rage On! But if you’re in need of a good study soundtrack, I would advise against choosing this mixtape. Download here.

-A.J. Allen

  1. Jessica says:

    how do you get tickets for MGK

  2. jerkmag says:

    Hi Jessica,

    If you’re talking about the Hope Benefit concert being held on Dec. 2, tickets are available at the Schine box office. They’re $12 with your student ID.


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