A Severe Case of Senioritis

Posted: October 17, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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It’s a shame I’m saying this, but yes, I have gotten the infamous Senioritis…already. I have all the symptoms of it: wanting to skipping class, no motivation whatsoever, mood swings, boredom, laziness, unproductive all-nighters, and lounging around everywhere. What sucks the most is that it’s midterm week and I caught this deadly disease. But I think I know what really caused this: The Career Fair.

Almost every time this event comes around, I get depressed and stressed because I have to dress up, get my résumés all polished and ready, and have my A game on. Then when I get to the event, I just feel hopeless and lost because most of the companies are looking for U.S. citizens. After that, I break down and cry–just kidding.

But really, the news always flashes before me: I am an International student, so I have to make sure I can stand out from the rest. It kills me, because I’m not supposed to be an International student. I’m sure everyone has his or her own weaknesses and fears, but I guess we all just have to deal with them and keep going.

I can say I’m really tired at this point and end up just going back to my home country, but I know I have to face it and keep marching for my future. I’m pretty sure a lot of seniors are feeling pretty fatigued and undetermined at this point, but here’s some words o’ wisdom: “Do your best in your life now, because it is not a rehearsal”.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. Why is everything getting so much better when I’m about to leave?

-Ellie Sul

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