The Hypocrisy of the Values Voter Summit

Posted: October 16, 2011 by jerkmag in RANT -- politics
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Anyone else find it mildly patronizing that a summit called the “Values Voter Summit” even exists? I’d just like to point out that its name alone implies a certain level of priggish self-righteousness often exhibited exclusively by “Dungeons & Dragons” paladins.

Jim DeMint: Paladin of the Values Conclave

For those of you who don’t know about the Values Voter Summit, it’s a gathering which espouses the virtues of limiting government, reducing spending, championing traditional values and protecting America. Sound familiar? I’ll give you a few seconds to figure it out. Funny how the only ones invited to the “Values” summit are suspiciously all from the Republican Party. Am I, therefore, to assume that they are the only ones with a sense of values?

See, these are things I have a problem with, these loaded convention names that imply a certain level of moral superiority. Much like the American Family Association has a problem with same-sex marriage, it implies if you’re in favor of same-sex marriage, you’re also against family. (Because facts show that conservatives are great at keeping families together. Oh, wait…) Well, at least conservative values make for good choices, right? Wrong again.

Digressing to my original point, I find it kind of insulting really, that anyone would imply that I don’t have values because I don’t agree with GOP policy, which is subtly what this convention says to me. Just like because I have no problem with gay marriage means that I’m anti-family. I have a suggestion: If your going to be self-righteous in your conviction and want to paint your liberal opponents as evil, why not go all the way and just change the GOP to the “Conclave of Everlasting Light” or the “League of Morality.” At least then I can pretend to be a Ring Wraith to oppose you.

-Alex Perez

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