Guy Harrison & Cartier Sims

A project for my multimedia storytelling class recently led me to the Westcott Theater where I went to cover rappers, Cartier Sims and Guy Harrison, as they opened for The Dean’s List and OnCue’s Pledge to Rage Tour.

The venue was very small. The sticky beer-covered floors and the small standing room were reminiscent of a place that I frequented at home for different shows. There were no more than 50 people in attendance around the time that I left.

An upstate New York rapper by the name of Apache Chief performed the first set. During his set, there were no more than 20 people in attendance, many who were clearly just waiting for later performances. Apache Chief performed a very energetic set, although he seemed to be the only one who was into his music. After his set, only two fans approached him.

In contrast, the next rappers to perform were Guy Harrison and Cartier Sims. Although they were not very content with the turnout for the show, they rocked their set very passionately, hoping to serve as a catalyst of energy for their small crowd. The two Syracuse University students performed a number of songs both new and old and were met with great praise by their fans and fellow students.

The style of the hip-hop duo is very much what you would expect from a couple of college kids, and their show reflected the versatility of the group. They exhibited their ability to make a light-hearted party jam that sounds like something you would find on a music blog like, while also displaying their raw talent through intermittent a capellas, during which the crowd went completely silent and attentively listened.

The show reminded me of an open mic night type of environment. The crowd was small, the sets were short, but at the end of the day, the venue provided a space, an audience and ultimately a means for these artists to express themselves.

-A.J. Allen

  1. Dick Chancia says:

    Check: – and listen to “absurdative” hip-hop rap by Two Absurd – an out of the box comedy team of two 76 year old identical twins. Ya gtta see and hear it ta believe it!

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