It’s not a new fad in the fashion world; it’s actually been around for some time now. You even probably wore them at one point in your life, or have seen people casually walking down the street wearing them even to this day. Yes, the turtleneck has reared its ugly head once again.

My absolute favorite blogger, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, recently announced its return. I must admit, I lost some respect for her after that post–not too much, but enough to limit my visits to her blog to two times a day rather than the regular five. As much as I am turned off by their presence, I have to agree with some of the valid points she brings up.

They do keep you warm, and they make for layering fun. But personally, I enjoy breathing and I, for sure, enjoy living. While wearing a turtleneck, I feel like someone is weakly constricting my air path, and this is something I’m just not okay with. Also, turtlenecks age everybody who wears them by at least 10 years, and they remind me of when my mother used to dress me circa 1996. Leave them to the middle-aged mothers during holiday season and the late Steve Jobs, and go for a sweater and scarf combo instead.

I may or may not be in the minority on this one, but I still propose we throw the 90’s grandma neck-suffocaters away, along with the Lisa Frank notebooks, and act like they never existed. Change is good, especially in this case.

-Taylor Bryant

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