Post-College Dream Job: Frat House Custodian. No, Seriously.

Posted: October 10, 2011 by jerkmagblog in VAULT -- archives
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If you find yourself graduating college and realize that all you have to show for these past four years is a beer gut, failed classes and little to no career plans, then consider looking for a job no further than the places responsible for your lack of aspirations: frat houses.

Kia Grasty, a 51-year-old frat house custodian at the University of Pennsylvania, makes $140,000 per year for essentially going to frat parties. But unlike most of the drunk sluts you might find there, Kia is cleaning up toilets, mopping up beer-drenched floors, and taking care of whatever other atrocities one might find at a frat house.

Check out some of the messiest rooms Grasty has ever seen:

-Julia Fuino

  1. Grizzly Bear says:

    140k a year??!!! I’d do it.

  2. Melissa says:

    All lies, she don’t make 140 thousand nothing…users are loosers…how can you print such lies..dream job my butt…

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