Some Girls: For the Unique Girl

Posted: October 9, 2011 by jerkmag in TRIM -- style
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For most Syracuse stylistas, the unofficial leggings, Uggs and Northface uniform is not a very appealing wardrobe option. Fortunately, Some Girls boutique provides alternatives for those not interested in bumming it to class. Conveniently located on Marshall Street, Some Girls is a cute, edgy and unique clothing store. The walls are littered with accessories from the Snooki sunglasses to the Nicki Minaj Barbie chain, while trendy heels are displayed and flirty dresses and printed tops fill up the color-coded racks. Whether it’s classic and girly or bold and modern, there’s something for everyone despite your style preference.

Some Girls is definitely adjusting to the times, with a very active social media presence. The store’s Facebook and Twitter are constantly updated with news about the store’s recent sales and arrivals. The boutique’s website even allows you to order clothes online! I sat down with Some Girls intern, Priscilla Dominguez, and employee, Steph Curtis, to get the inside scoop on the chic boutique.

JERK: What sets Some Girls apart from other boutiques around Syracuse?

Priscilla: From my experience working with all of the girls and working with Margaret [Some Girls CEO], they’re like a family; they’re really welcoming and nice. While we do keep the atmosphere here very casual, they have such a high work ethic. We’re very unique in the way we choose to interact with the customers. It’s just completely different and relaxed, very ‘I want to get to know you,’ ‘I want you to get to know me,’ ‘I want to build a bond and a friendship’ and I feel like that’s lacking in a lot of businesses.

Steph: Well, the clothes are very unique compared to other stores. The owner goes out to LA, Atlanta, Miami, New York City and Las Vegas, and brings back different brands for the store. She also normally only buys a couple pieces of each item, so whoever comes to buy them, you’re really not going to find someone else wearing what you have. That’s what I love about it: If I buy a dress, I really don’t want to go out and see a girl in the same thing I’m wearing.

JERK: How would you describe the overall style of Some Girls?

Both: It’s wild and out there, unique funky and fun. It’s more of a city kind of style, and not just the typical clothes you might find in most stores.

JERK: How important is an online presence to Some Girls?

Steph: It’s a big deal for the store. It’s definitely necessary to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You want to be able to interact with people and show them everything. People aren’t going to find out about the store just from walking down the street. I like people looking at the blog and seeing not just the clothes, but learning about what we do. I think it’s so much fun going on a store’s website and seeing candid shots just so you know that it’s not just this glamorous industry. There’s a lot of work that gets put into it.

Priscilla: I would say, as a Newhouse student, they tell us, you guys have to constantly be online because the more online you are, the more marketable you are. You’re more open to profit and generating revenue and generating press and publicity. That’s why I’ve been on this crazy campaign emailing all of these different on and off-campus publications, just to try to generate press and business and generate people coming into the store and coming in and out and getting to know us. That’s what you have to do, because otherwise, how are people going to find out about the store? Press is key to me, because there’s no such thing as bad press.

JERK: What’s a typical Some Girls workday?

Priscilla: For me, a typical workday is, I have my laptop here, sending out emails, talking to Tara, doing a weekly recap, going back and forth with the manager and CEO and letting them know, “Okay, this is who I reached out to today, this is who emailed me back.” There’s so much that goes into it, people don’t even understand. I literally write like 100 emails for Some Girls, trying to get the word out for people to write about us or visit the store and blogging and checking things on Facebook. It’s an intense amount of work and a lot of writing, but the thing is, I think if you have passion for what you do, it’s going to work out in the end; only positive things can come out of it.

Steph: Well, today I came in and I just opened the store. And then you kind of clean, bring out the signs, and then wait for people to come in. There’s never a moment when you can’t do something like steaming clothes, fixing racks, fixing the jewelry, updating the Facebook. Honestly, every day is different; a bunch of people might come in one day and then one or two the next. It’s just a very laid back and chill environment. I sit here, listen to music and get to play with clothes all day. It’s fun.

-Taylor Bryant

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