Blogs We Like: We Are The 99 Percent

Posted: October 7, 2011 by jerkmag in BLOGS WE LIKE
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To kick off the Blogs We Like, we thought it’d be a good idea to recommend one of the rising stars in the blogosphere. Created and inspired by the same people behind the Occupy Wall Street revolution, this is being dubbed the people’s blog. It’s meant for the regular Joe and Jane Shmoe’s like you and me, otherwise known as the 99 percent.

Here’s how it works: So you’re not a part of the extremely wealthy, tax cut privileged one percent–shocking–and you’ve been struggling to make ends meet. Maybe you’re in college watching your debt pile up, or you’re a recent graduate who can’t find work. Maybe, you’ve even been recently let go from your job.

Whatever your story may be, this is a way to share it with the world. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that explains your situation, write the words “I am the 99 percent” and submit it to the blog. We all know who makes up the one percent in this country, but what about the rest of us? This is a chance to let your voice be heard.

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