Snakes in Someone’s Intestines?! ‘Dexter’ Returns.

Posted: October 6, 2011 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV
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The sixth season of “Dexter” began last Sunday with a lot of blood and some interesting twists. It wasn’t the best of “Dexter,” but certainly got viewers excited for the season to come. “Dexter” has changed since last season; he is now guilt-free and is embarking on a fresh start. This episode began to resolve our open-ended questions by explaining what happened while “Dexter” was on hiatus– Batista and Laguerta are divorced, meanwhile, Deb and Quinn are living together.

Dexter tracks his next victim to his high school reunion. We learn that Dexter was unpopular in high school (shocking) and his plan is to go unnoticed and murder his former classmate. Unfortunately, Dexter is now popular due to the fame associated with his profession, and people give him attention–he even gets an awkward quickie by a random in a bio lab. But of course, Dexter is a professional murderer and ends up successfully killing the asshole wife killer.

In this episode they set up this season’s serial killer. The killer’s MO is clearly connected to religion and he is very creative with what he does to the bodies. The killer even packed a victim’s intestines with snakes, which was seriously vile and uncomfortable. The next episode previewed severed body parts riding on horses. Sometimes I question how the writers come up with these things. I have high expectations for this season and am really excited to hear more from this season’s badass duo Travis (Colin Hanks) and Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos).

-Becca Spector

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