Dorm vs. Off-Campus Living

Posted: October 4, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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After a fun, crazy night at my house over the weekend, it came down to the worst part of the great night: cleaning up. Honestly, I’m not the most clean person to begin with, but I still hate it when I see spilled drinks all over my floor and table. That’s when I took out the big black plastic bag to put away all the used red cups, empty bottles, and even the leftover alcohol away on the counter.

It made me think how I missed my dorm days, back when I didn’t have so much of the urge to really “clean.” So what I’ve thought about to write for this week’s post is another list of advantages and disadvantages, this time about living in dorms versus living off-campus.

Dorm: Advantages & Disadvantages
1. You don’t have to clean the bathroom.
2. You have to share the bathroom with several other girls.
3. Elevators.
4. No kitchen.
5. Required to get a meal plan.
6. Pricey washing machines.
7. RAs.
8. Quiet hours.
9. Fire drills.
10. Feeling more connected to campus life.
11. ID card swiping and the annoying guest sign-ins.

Off-Campus: Advantages & Disadvantages
1. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
2. Paying for bills.
3. No elevators.
4. Kitchen. Yay for cooking & baking!
5. …But then again we have to go grocery shopping. (No more convenient meal plans.)
6. Separate rooms.
7. Thin walls (We can hear everything, so please let’s respect thy neighbors.)
8. No need for ID swiping!
9. More quiet/self-reflection time.
10. The sirens and the blaring of drunk kids.

Now that I pretty much summarized the list, I guess I can conclude that there’s much more advantages living off-campus than living in dorms. So, I guess I shouldn’t complain and just continue having fun.

-Ellie Sul

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