What Kind of Place Are You?

Posted: October 3, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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Hey there kids, welcome back to my senior blog. What grand tales of adventure and wisdom do I have to impart upon you today? Good question, wish I had a direct answer for you. My posts about my senior experiences are varied, and I like that; keeps things interesting. Interesting–that’s a big word for me. I find lots of things interesting, like this computer lab I’m currently in, for example. I remember a scene from the last “Rocky” movie that was particularly telling.

“If you stay in one place long enough, you become that place.” I think I have that feeling now, more than most here at this SU. Many of you left home to come here; I never left. This computer lab in Newhouse is where I’ve spent the better part of my time here at SU. I wonder, what does that mean for me?

Now let me just lay this out real quick: I’m no big time “Rocky” fan; the only one I ever saw in its entirety was the last one. But, this scene speaks to me for a variety of reasons. I remember one time, I was in this lab from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. Needless to say, mass consumption of energy drinks may have been involved. (Not this kind.)

I can stop whenever I want!

As the caffeine buzz took hold, I began to wonder, what legacies does this place hold? How many students before me were in my exact same position? How many will be after me? But, I like to think, what do your surroundings say about you? Where are you most at home, where are you in your own zone?

I believe this quote, because I feel I do have an odd affinity and connection with this place. Newhouse, to me, is more than just a school. It’s what I’ve committed myself to for the past three years of my life. It’s a bit odd to think of this as soon being a past time of mine.

-Alex Perez


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