The Yogasm Goal

Posted: September 30, 2011 by jerkmag in VICES -- sex, drugs & alcohol
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When you think of yoga, the words orgasm and sex are not the first to come to mind. But, this bit of news might change that.

A “Yogasm” is the act of having an orgasm while doing yoga. It often results from the breathing and muscle exercises done during one of the various positions. Channeling the “sex” chakras “into the ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ chakras” is said to be a way to have a full-body orgasm. Yogis, who are male practitioners of yoga, often reference the seven chakras, which are vortexes of energy.

A Daily Beast article I read included quotes from several women recounting their Yogasm experiences. The positions named in these quotes were forward bend, lotus pose and mula bandha.

No worries gentleman, the Yogasm is for both women and men. You too can have one. The example they gave in the article was for men to try the mula bandha position. South African tantric master Alan Finger said, “the key to engaging in mula bandha is to isolate the perineum, a crucial area of sexual pleasure for women and men.” His suggestion is to use it during sex to prolong the period of climax. Finger added that “when a man draws his sexual energy in, and up toward his navel, […] he increases his ability to prolong his stamina in the bedroom.”

I found it hilarious that the article referred to the stories of these experiences as “rumors of the elusive yoga orgasm [that] have circulated for years.” Excuse me. Circulated for years? I’ve definitely never heard of it before. You’d think something that intense would be common knowledge.

Yoga is already popular among people of a wide age range. Bet the numbers will increase after this information becomes better known. It’s funny how something normally seen as peaceful can be viewed in a completely different spiritual sense.
So, the next time you’re in yoga class, peek around and see who’s having the best time. Unless it’s you, then enjoy.

-Erin Elzo

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