‘The Office’–Still Good Without Carell?

Posted: September 30, 2011 by jerkmag in WATCH -- TV
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The Office” ended season seven with one big lingering question on everyone’s mind–who would take Michael Scott’s position and, more importantly, who is going to hate on Toby? Some were probably a little disappointed to find that is was “Boston Legal” actor, James Spader, but the episode was still great nonetheless. While the show probably won’t ever have the same dynamic as it did with Carell, it still works. In fact, Spader’s role is almost the exact opposite of Carell’s.

The episode starts with Robert California (Spader) driving down to Florida and receiving an instant promotion–meanwhile, leaving Ed Helms, better known as Andy Bernard, in charge at Dunder Mifflin. The office goes into uproar when the staff finds a mysterious list dividing the employees between the categories of winners and losers. The ‘losers’ are upset because the ‘winners’ are invited to a nice lunch as Andy desperately tries to lead the losers out of their misery, especially pregnant Pam. (Angela too, is pregnant with her gay senator husband’s child).

The greatest part of the episode had to be how they worked in the Internet phenomenon of planking. Their planking positions were hysterical and actually pretty good. Meredith was under the urinals, Kelly on top of a filing cabinet and Kevin planked all over Dwight’s desk. Dwight became the authority, removing the plank-ers by using fire hydrants and flipping tables. It was an effective way to stop the planking and might have even been funnier then the actual planking itself.

I thought it was a great way to start the season and even though we miss Michael Scott and his infamous “that’s what she said” one-liners, I see great things coming for the “Office.”

-Becca Spector

  1. dude says:

    I think you meant Fire Extinguisher, not fire hydrant.

  2. I have not gotten to see the new season yet but I am very excited…More now that I have gotten a sneak peak;) I am on the fence with Andy being in charge…Noone will be able to replace Michael! I want an episode where Holly and Michael make a reappearance! Baby or Wedding. Am I the only one?

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