Post-Grad Life: What Happens Next?

Posted: September 28, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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As seniors, we get asked a lot of questions. Among them, the one question I despise most is “So…what are your plans after graduation?” Okay, I get that it’s the most realistic and obvious question you can ask any senior, but you know what? It hurts. It feels like getting stabbed in the part where it hurts the most. Clearly, it’s because I absolutely have NO idea. Well, I do have an idea but I mean, I still don’t know.

From what I have heard about post-graduates, I divided up them into five categories: the “All-Around-the-World”, the “Corporates”, the “Internationals”, the “Peacemakers”, and the “Bums”.

The post-graduates who fall under “All-Around-the-World” are those who decide to travel, you guessed it, all around the world. Most of them go on a Eurotrip, or somewhere very exotic–somewhere you think you could never have the time to go to once you’re settled. Many of these people choose to go on trips right after graduation instead of finding jobs because they think that it is now or never. They have no idea what’s going to happen to them so they want to experience something crazy and new. They think that while they’re on the trip, they will be able to figure out what they want to do, and maybe even find a new place to start their future in.

The “Corporates” are those who already found jobs and are settled in with their corporate lives. These post-graduates are probably those who have pretty much started their future job interviews, polished their resumes, and made lots of connections since their sophomore/junior year. These are the people who knew exactly what they would be doing after college and can absolutely tell you in 0.5 seconds what they see themselves doing 10 years from now. Like it or not, these are the people we might want to keep in contact with. Yay for social networking!

The “Internationals” are obviously the International students (in which category I most likely would fall under). We are the ones who have to struggle and compete against everyone else in the whole wide world to get a job and a working visa (if we want to work in the States). However, we do have a safety back-up option of going back to our home country and getting hired there. Even so, there are many people who speak more than one language now–and the competition keeps gets higher and higher.

Those who fall under the “Peacemakers” are the ones who go for Peace Corps, UNV, and all that good stuff. They are the ones who have a love for the world and are big advocates for making change. A significant advantage of getting into these organizations is that you get to travel around and meet fellow awesome people. The disadvantage is that you might get stuck in this organization forever and find yourself having no time to be doing something else.

The last and most obvious type are the “Bums.” They’re the ones you see bumming around on their parents’ couch, exhausted and depressed because it is just so frickin’ hard to find jobs these days. So you see them finding excuses like, “The economy is so bad right now,” “I don’t want to work just yet,” or “I’m waiting for an answer still…” But hey, don’t worry guys! We’re still young and I believe that there is something out there for all of us!

So I’m kind of nervous and actually pretty galvanized to see what category I will fall under when my time comes soon. But you know, before then, I know what I and all of the rest of us seniors have to do–study and party hardy; it’s our last year in college!

-Ellie Sul

  1. I graduated in May from SU & Newhouse- and let me tell ya, I never thought I’d be in the bum category. But the economy does suck- you’ll see. I JUST found a job. And I busted my buns for months looking for one. I was competing with people twice my age with 20+ years of experience for INTERNSHIPS. If only the categories were this cut-and-dry…but I did love your post 🙂 And yes, it does feel like death is coming in small tiny increments every time someone asks you about your future. I’m sure you will do great, though! Good luck.

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