College Must-Have: “Aunt Elsie”

Posted: September 25, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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I always find it interesting how the seemingly mundane can be so terribly fascinating. It is to me at least. Not only do I always look at the little things we do to keep us going through the day, but also at who it is that gets us not only through both our day and life. Who and what are yours, I wonder? I recently went to an interesting seminar by Bill Doescher, a very successful Public Relations executive who gave many strong words of wisdom.

One person he mentioned was his Aunt Elsie. She was the woman who believed in his ability to succeed above all else. She helped him greatly with a loan for school but more importantly, the unwavering resolve she had for Mr. Doescher. He put it well when he said he thinks everyone should have an Aunt Elsie.

My “Aunt Elsie” would most certainly be my grandparents. To describe them, my grandfather is a stout, barrel-chested man. In all honesty, it seems that I take after him physically more than anyone else in my family. Of the many things he’s done for me, he’s the one that got me my first car and, subsequently, all his other grandchildren. He used to be a car salesman; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had something go wrong with my car that I thought was a catastrophic failure and he’s had the car running as good as new within a day.

He once had this thing running great in three days!

My grandmother is this small, but spry old lady with blonde hair and a soft voice. She always asks me every time I come over if I’m hungry, which if you’re a college student, you know I always am. She even goes so far as to make me breakfast every morning. That’s right, bacon and eggs every morning, coffee too.

Suddenly being a townie isn't so bad, eh?

Trust me, I realize how lucky I am to have that. I encourage you all to think about the “Aunt Elsie” in your life–a parent, girlfriend, whatever. Remember who they are and why they get you through your day. And don’t forget to thank them.

-Alex Perez

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