The things we learn in college. Never trust something you read even if it looks completely official. I read this “official letter” from the SU Office of Residence Life after a friend of a friend sent it to a one of my friends.

Seem real? Well, a couple of my friends and I certainly thought so. That is, until I began researching it a bit further and realized that it had a big mistake in it. Fun fact: semen IS water-soluble, it’s sperm that’s not.

Apparently it’s some “well-known” prank that’s been distributed throughout the country. Guess I got pranked then because I had no idea it wasn’t true until about an hour before I wrote this post. Even more amusing is the number of people who believed it as well when I asked around if they knew anything about semen and its solubility. That was a fun topic of discussion to say the least.

I found another version of the letter online but this one was from Georgetown University. It’s almost exactly the same; they just have different damage cost estimates and a different hall name. I do agree with this fake letter about masturbating in your own room instead of the dorm showers. No one wants to step in your jizz if it doesn’t get washed away.

-Erin Elzo

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