The Occupation of Wall Street Ignored

Posted: September 24, 2011 by jerkmag in RANT -- politics
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There’s a curious little ongoing demonstration in New York City, officially dubbed Occupy Wall Street, that you might not have heard about. I personally just learned about this grassroots movement in opposition of Wall Street’s greed, so that alone speaks volumes about how well it’s being covered by the mainstream media.

The protest, which has now entered its eighth day, has no actual attendance figures, aside from the questionable claim of 15,000 made by the demonstration’s own personal website. But, if the videos and testimonies are anything to go on, there are clearly at least a few thousand people taking part in the protest.

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate events like this because I feel that, as a political blogger, I should be writing about my personal thoughts and opinions rather than endorsing a particular organization. However, this is another sad example of the sheer political hypocrisy that I see in our country. When the Tea Party does anything, anything at all, it’s covered in the news ad nauseum. Yet, Occupy Wall Street is clearly not being covered by the media, aside from the occasional blurb. (See for yourself.)

Speaking of the Tea Party, why the hell aren’t they out there with these guys!? If you may recall, the initial outrage that formed the Tea Party was caused by the Stimulus Plan and the bailouts back in  2009. Normally, I’d insert some witty quip here, but if you read my last article, you’ll know I appreciate the sledgehammer. So, I’ll change it up a bit and leave you with the wise words of my buddy George Carlin. RIP George.

-Alex Perez

  1. Dee says:

    And of course, it takes 80+ protesters getting arrested for the media to finally give Occupy Wall Street some real coverage. It is now the top story on the NYT’s website.

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