The Good & Bad of Senior Year

Posted: September 23, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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It’s been four weeks since my senior year officially started, and honestly I feel like I’ve been thinking way too much–about everything. It seems as if I’ve been talking to my friends almost everyday about how crazy it is that I’m a senior already. Then one day during a deep life-conversation with my roommate, I thought of the perfect idea for this post.

Everyone knows there’s always a good and bad side to something. Well, now that I’m a senior thinking about this will–and should–be the best year of college, I thought about coming up with a list of good and bad for being a senior in college (not to let down anyone’s senior spirits or anything!). Keep in mind that I did not come up with this list alone. I had the help of my fellow seniors.

The Good:

1. Simple– we’re fucking seniors!
2. Most of us are now 21+, which means no more fake IDs or having to borrow a friend’s backup ID.
3. Having a more laid back class schedule.
4. We can walk around campus with enough confidence and swag because we’ll be out of here in less than 10 months.
5. Yelling “FRESHMAAAAAAAAAN” from the top of our lungs, every day, every time and everywhere.
6. Living off campus.
7. Looking like shit on a Monday and not giving a damn.
8. Knowing that we don’t have to stress over enrolling in the classes we want anymore.
9. Having the mentality of making the last year the best year–academically and socially.
10. All the presents and $$$ we’ll be receiving once we graduate.

The Bad:

1. No more college?!
2. Going off into the “real world.” (Dun dun dun…)
3. Stressing over what to do after we graduate.
4. Resumes…
5. Trying to raise up that damn GPA one last time.
6. Having no classes to take when we need the credits (because we already took all the easy courses before).
7. Grad school? Med school?
8. Boyfriend/girlfriend issues…from A to Z.
9. Senioritis.
10. Feeling a bit old.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think should be added on the list!

-Ellie Sul


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