Super Seniors? (That Still Rely on Freshmen.)

Posted: September 20, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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We think we know everything, but we sometimes have absolutely NO IDEA. Obviously, I am not representing the entire Class of ’12, but I think most of us can relate to what I’m about to say as a senior on our campus.

So, the first day of class, unfortunately I’m stuck in a 101 class. The teacher rattles on and on about Blackboard and Myslice, asking if we all know how to use it or not. Naturally, I’m rolling my eyes and thinking, “Oh my gosh, do I seriously have to listen to this? This is my fourth year.” But of course it’s not anyone’s fault; it’s actually mine since I chose to be in a 100-level class my senior year. Then it’s time for introductions and the students to my left and right are both freshmen.

I let out a big sigh at first, but just 30 minutes later, I actually found myself asking the freshman questions. I ask her if she knows where Lyman Hall is and, of course, she pulls out her handy-dandy Syracuse folder with maps of the campus and papers that would only belong to a freshman.

Normally, you would expect the freshmen to be relying on the seniors for information, but sometimes you see seniors relying on the freshmen because we know they are always carrying around all kinds of first-year info and papers about the school. So, thank you to all the freshmen out there for helping out some of us still hopeless seniors!

-Ellie Sul

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