Senior Year: Let the Battle Begin

Posted: September 18, 2011 by jerkmag in VAULT -- archives
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My first writing on being a senior. This should be interesting writing to all the wee-little underclassmen who will eventually be in my shoes, if you play your cards right. That’s one thing you learn from attending a community college that accepted almost your entire graduating class. Higher education is a little like going into battle with your friends. Not everyone’s going to be able to be there at the end. Spoiler alert.

"Take out that machine gun nest. Then we'll sing the Alma Mater!"

When you tell people that you’re a senior, it’s almost like you’re telling them you’re going on some grand knightly quest to slay a dragon. You usually get something along the lines of “That’s great!” quickly followed by a solemn “I’m going to miss you.” To a certain extent, their jubilation and concerns are justified. Gone will be the days of beer pong, Humans vs. Zombies and work-study, replaced with an atom bomb’s worth of responsibilities, job searches and a significant drop in alcohol consumption.

I guess I should mention my unique credentials. I am one of those anomaly local students. You know those townies everyone likes to make fun of? Yep, I’m one of them, a Syracuse native, more or less. I also transferred into Syracuse University from said local community college. So I won’t have to deal with the emotional trauma of never having Dinosaur BBQ ever again or not being able to see my beloved underclassmen friends. Though parking will be an issue, as always.

You can take away my freedom. But you'll never take my Cuban Sandwich! (With sides no less.)

So far being a senior isn’t terribly different, aside from the bombardment of email constantly reminding me that it’s time to purchase my class ring. I’m sure as I interact with my fellow senior and underclassmen friends, things will change, and as I walk the proverbial Green Mile to graduation there will be fun senior-related humor along the way. That is my preface, my summary of being a senior so far. It’ll get better though, trust me. I tend to be a magnet for all sorts of odd, whimsical events.

-Alex Perez

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