Meet the Jerk Bloggers: Amber Brenza

Posted: September 16, 2011 by jerkmag in CRISP -- health
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Name: Amber Brenza

Year: Grad student

Major: Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism

Hometown: Horseheads, NY

Three Celebrities I Love: Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky on “How I Met Your Mother”), Evangeline Lilly, Katy Perry

One Lie I Got Away With: Sophomore year of high school, I walked into gym class with a limp, which immediately caught the attention of my gym teacher. When asked what happened, I claimed that I was pushed down a flight of stairs earlier that day. Concerned, the gym teacher asked who my assailant was. I said that I didn’t know the person, but I remembered that he was a tall boy with dark hair (a description that would have fit 85 percent of my school’s male population). I was sent to the principal’s office to give a more in-depth report. They never found my “attacker,” but that’s probably because there never was one. I just wanted to get out of gym class that day.

Random Fact: I love to cook anything and everything, especially Italian food. I’m a little Italian grandmother in 23-year-old’s body.

Follow me on Twitter @Amber_Brenza


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