Message to All Newhouse Students: We Are Screwed!

Posted: August 18, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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I woke up this morning to an entire day-ruining email that began with this incredibly sarcastic and far too excited opener:

“Who uses 15 thousand pounds of paper, killing 194 trees; consumes 224 million BTUs of energy; and emits over 44 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide and as much sulfur dioxide as 35 eighteen-wheelers driving year-round? We do! The printing done in the Newhouse computer labs generate those staggering numbers–not to mention a huge cost!”

While reading this all I could think was: What the hell is tuition actually paying for? If you’re a Newhouse student, you have or will have taken graphics, and probably a few other creative design classes. This means you will most likely need to test print several copies of your work before you turn in the final project. I remember printing out tons of copies of my magazine project before I got my final product right. What would that cost me now? Probably less than $10 but still an expense that as a poor college student, I shouldn’t have to pay.

Although the school is trying to manage their environmental impact, the sudden switch will take some getting used to. Truthfully, I barely used my own printer this year because of ink prices. My printer doesn’t print out poster paper and also renders terrible colors. The Newhouse printers were the only options. Now, I will have to strictly manage the $25 credit Newhouse will allot us.

Here are the printing costs:

Black and White
8.5×11    2 cents per side
11×17     3 cents per side
8.5×11   16 cents per side
11×17    18 cents per side

Although I love the Earth, I am just a tad pissed off about this and the end the email: “Like you, we’re committed to reducing our costs and our carbon footprint. Thank you for helping us “go green.” [oh and fuck you!]

-Victoria Troxler
  1. D-dub says:

    Stop whining you stinky little baby. Your bickering is not only making the rainforest cry, it sounds as though you couldn’t care less about the 44K lbs of CO2 Newhouse spits on the sidewalk every year. Here’s a fun fact, every time I would sneak into Newhouse to do some free printing, I’d see Newhousians [maybe even you] printing off powerpoint presentations with colored backgrounds, 6 words/slide, 1 slide/page, page after page after page…. It was harder to watch than a blind puppy cross a busy intersection.
    The Peewee Playhouse Word-of-the-Day is “DEFORESTATION”. If the trees could walk like you and me, they’d totally kick your ass.

  2. EgoSmasher says:

    OOOOOOHHHH!!!! 2 cents!!!!!!
    Don’t you pay like 50 grand to go to school? Tell them to bill your daddy.

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