Orchestra Revival in Syracuse

Posted: August 9, 2011 by jerkmag in ZONE -- syracuse
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After living week by week with its finances, ending its season early and sending people home with worthless tickets, the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra had to declare bankruptcy last year. Yet, it’s 50 year run is not over yet. When Chancy Nancy heard about the tragedy, she committed her staff and the university’s resources to this catastrophe.

Headed by Ann Clarke, the VPA dean, and Jeffry Comanici, the VPA assistant dean for placement, SU has, very quietly, been working on finding a way to make the orchestra a success again. Looking into their finances and examining the last time the orchestra made a profit are two ways officials have started surveying the issue. University officials have yet to really talk about the program, so many details are left unknown. Who knows, SU musicians, you might have a job offering right around the corner.

-Nicole Fisher

  1. […] felt about SU’s ranking and status as well as the initiatives by Chancy Nancy to increase the university’s role in the community and diversity at SU. While there were a variety of opinions concerning all of these issues, SU […]

  2. […] to take its place. However, this doesn’t do much for the musicians who lost their jobs from the Syracuse Symphony closing. For the next five years, the Syracuse Philharmonic cannot guarantee full-time employment, […]

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