Don’t snort tanning solution. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently the crazies of the UK don’t think a statement like that is common sense. I came across an overly scientific article from The Daily Mail outraged about the side effects of a snortable tanning product Ubertan. There is no medical back up needed here people, don’t stick shit up your nose. Don’t do it! Anthea Tonks, a 35-year-old “victim” of her own stupidity, suffered a heart attack after snorting the solution.

Our minds are constantly saturated with messages encouraging us to accept our bodies and love ourselves, but clearly beauty addictions are stronger than those bubble gum messages.  However, when you suffer a heart attack from trying to look like Snooki, you should probably reassess your priorities. I think maybe, just maybe, beauty stores also need to take the initiative to educate themselves about the products they sell.

In another case of bad judgment, Jasmine Hughes, a young girl from New York, was illegally sold colored contacts from a beauty store without any care instructions. This resulted in a serious eye infection. All young girls desire to look like their favorite stars, but when it’s to the point of wanting to emulate someone else’s eye color, a parent or really anyone should step in.  Sticking foreign objects in your eye without proper medical attention is a very bad idea. Let’s recap in case my point wasn’t clear enough: don’t snort shit, don’t stick things in your eyeballs, and don’t buy sketchy products.

-Victoria Troxler
  1. Anon says:

    I think you really should get your facts right before reposting incorrect information, Anthea thankfully has not suffered a heart attack, the symptons she suffered were not as a direct result of using the product.

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