Celebs Behaving Badly. Where Are the Good Role Models?

Posted: July 28, 2011 by jerkmag in POP - pop culture
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If I was still a middle school child and admired pop stars, this week I would have learned that smoking cigarettes and getting tattoos are acceptable things to do. I love America! Not only did Justin Bieber show off his “religious” Hebrew tattoo, he also posed topless with his incredibly creepy looking father who adorned a matching one. Awkward and inappropriate? Check and check. If you want a tattoo, more power to you Justin, but showing it off to all the little girls in the world probably won’t help your record sales. I guarantee their mothers don’t appreciate your support for teen tats.

On to the next “role model.” Vanessa Hudgens also taught kids this week that nicotine addiction is okay. Well, as long as you dispose of the evidence. If you’re a young celebrity and you think you can get away with taking a puff without someone snapping a picture, then you’re delusional. These pictures show Vanessa lunging towards paparazzi at a red light in anger after she was caught. She shouldn’t even have bothered trying to get rid of the photos. After all, we already know she isn’t an angel–ahem, nude photos.

She may not be Miley Cyrus, but Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi released a music video this week for her song “Play With Me” that depicts scenes of suicide and cocaine use. The video is somehow supposed to empower young people against these types of evils, but spoon-feeding the public images of addiction and torment might not be the answer. To all the young stars out there, get it together!

-Victoria Troxler

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